Birger Møller-Pedersen; Ericsson Norway

Birger graduated from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark in 1976.

Birger worked at the Norwegian Computing Center from 1977 to 1996, where he specialized in object oriented languages, including designing and implementing compilers for Simula, designing Beta, and later adding object orientation to SDL.

Birger joined Telenor Research and Development (the Norwegian PTT) in 1996, where he amongst other things worked on Java in TMN.

In 1998 Birger joined Øystein and Geir at Ericsson NorARC, where he has continued his work with TIMe and SDL. Birger is also Associate Professor at the University of Oslo.

Birger participates in the standardization work in ITU, first as Associate Rapporteur in the development of the object-oriented extension of SDL that were incorporated in the 1992 version of SDL ("SDL-92"). He is currently participating in the ITU-T Study Group 10, working on the next version of the SDL standard scheduled for the year 2000. Birger is Associate Rapporteur for the harmonization of SDL and UML, in the coming Z.109 standard.

Birger is co-author of The BETA Programming Language and Systems Engineering Using SDL-92.